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Acne can affect people at any time and can have different causes.  The most commonly known cause of acne is hormonal fluctuation.  The teenage years are notorious for causing acne breakouts but acne can return in menopause or perimenopausal years.  Acne can also be caused by food allergies and poor digestion or diets high in refined carbohydrates, sugar, and trans-fat by causing systemic inflammation manifesting in the skin as acne and rosacea.  Acne can also result from chronic stress from elevated cortisol levels.  In any case, it is important to identify and treat the cause of acne because the acne can be just the tip of the iceberg.  For example in the case of systemic inflammation if left unidentified and untreated can result in a host of diseases including cancer and heart disease.

To attempt to treat acne from the outside, meaning with topical skin products alone is essentially useless.  Cosmetic and skin care companies make billions of dollars each year claiming that they cure acne but unfortunately in the long-term this is usually a waste of the consumer’s money.   Acne comes from the inside and to treat it you must identify and treat its source.   Conventional medicine usually turns to antibiotics and aggressive topical peels as its first line of defense against acne.  This usually yields short-term improvement if anything, but can actually exacerbate inflammation over the long term.   Antibiotics upset the balance of intestinal flora thereby damaging the lining of the intestinal wall.  That is why it’s important to use them only when they are needed and they can truly help the patient.  Medications like accutane also do not treat the cause of acne and have multiple side effects including liver damage.  To truly get to the bottom of acne you need to rebalance hormones, detoxify, restore gastrointestinal function and integrity, treat inflammation, decrease stress, and soothe inflamed emotions.  As adjunctive therapy (meaning in addition to the main therapy), topical treatments can be used but to be effective they must be used in conjunction with the above.  In very severe cases if antibiotics are needed, for short term treatment, they must be used with regular daily probiotic treatments to try to prevent disruption of the gastrointestinal flora thereby, protecting gastrointestinal integrity and preventing future health concerns.

We use a thorough approach to acne and identify the source and cause(s) and treat the cause thereby improving overall health and vitality in addition to improving the skin and eliminating acne breakouts.

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