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Anxiety is becoming more and more common in our modern society.   Anxiety may take different forms, it may manifest as panic attacks, nervousness, unnatural fear, or anxiety combined with depression.   Anxiety can have different causes.  It can be caused by neurotransmitter imbalance, which can be corrected by neurotransmitter testing to identify the imbalance and amino acid, neurotransmitter building block, and neurotransmitter supplementation as part of an overall wellness program.  It can also be caused by hormonal imbalance and is one of the most common symptoms of perimenopause and menopause, seen with estrogen dominance and or progesterone deficiency.   Anxiety can also be caused by Adrenal Fatigue a condition seen more and more today as people are under chronic daily high stress levels which puts chronic stress on the adrenal glands till they essentially burn out and can’t support the high amounts of chronic stress.   Chronic anxiety is often seen as part of adrenal imbalance and is not the same as anxiety disorder which it’s often misdiagnosed as.  Poor dietary habits, yo-yo dieting, fluctuations in blood sugar can also cause anxiety.  Gastrointestinal imbalance and intestinal candidiasis can also cause anxiety.  It is important to identify the cause of anxiety for proper treatment.  Although psychiatric drugs can help anxiety at times they have many side effects and often do not treat the root cause of the anxiety which can lead to other illnesses and diseases if left unidentified and untreated.

At advance Health Integrative medicine we use specialized diagnostic testing to identify the root cause(s) of your anxiety.  Treatments that correct anxiety include hormone balancing with bio-identical hormones, neurotransmitter balancing with amino acids and building blocks, customized lifestyle and dietary plans, and gastrointestinal detoxification.

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