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Chronic Fatigue

For so many people fatigue becomes a chronic condition that silently undermines their health and lives.   This is not the ordinary fatigue that disappears after a good night’s sleep.  According to the Center for Disease Control about 1-4million Americans suffers from chronic fatigue that seriously negatively impacts their lives.  Unfortunately many times when people seek treatment for fatigue their healthcare providers may assure them that their symptoms are completely normal, just in their head, or nothing serious.   The problem is that chronic fatigue is a serious problem and results from other problems in health that if left unidentified and untreated leads to premature aging, immune dysfunction, and heightened risk for chronic disease.

The conventional approach to fatigue is usually marked by a period of indifference based on the premise that ‘this is a part of aging’ or the patient being labeled a ‘frequent flyer’ to the office and a complainer.  When screening blood tests are ordered they only screen for disease, not health.  Conventional screening blood tests screen for organ damage such as kidney or liver disease and failure.  When the thyroid is tested usually the tests are incomplete and with regards to the results of all tests if you fall with the innermost and outermost ranges you are termed healthy even if you are overwhelmingly fatigued and your health may be deteriorating.   Lab tests have to be very low or very high which usually would be marked by disease for a condition to be identified, everyone else is termed healthy and normal no matter how they feel.

Our Approach to Fatigue

First and foremost we address how you feel, and not only what a number may say.  Our functional approach to fatigue will addresses possible underlying causes of fatigue and the following tests are considered:

-A conventional Complete Blood Count (CBC), testing for anemia and evidence of infection;

-A Comprehensive Metabolic Profile (CMP), testing electrolytes, blood sugar, blood protein, pH (acid/base) balance, and liver and kidney function

-A mono spot, testing for mononucleosis

-A Lyme titer, and if positive, a Western blot and/or PCR;

-An Epstein–Barr titer

-Allergy, food sensitivity, and parasite testing;

-Adrenal stress index

-Complete Thyroid Panel

-Blood and or 24 hr urine hormone panel

-Heavy metals screening

-Sleep apnea test/REM monitoring

-A stress test for any post menopausal woman with extended fatigue, to check for occult heart disease

Important causes of chronic fatigue are thyroid imbalance, adrenal imbalance, food and chemical sensitivities, gastrointestinal imbalance and dysbiosis, heavy metal toxicity, and infection all of which should be addressed in the chronically fatigued patient.   Diet and what you eat also plays a huge role in how you feel if you are fatigued and in addition to addressing the above causes we provide our patients with customized dietary plans.  For example diets high in saturated fats, refined vegetable oils, and refined carbohydrates may exacerbate fatigue while omega-3-fatty acids high in fish and flaxseed oil and foods rich in fiber will help increase energy.

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