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You may have been told you have pre-diabetes or diagnosed with Insulin Resistance or Diabetes and prescribed pharmaceutical medications. The problem is that in traditional medicine there is often a failure to educate the patient on why they developed the disease or how the physician and patient can partner to investigate the cause further and what they can do to CURE or fully treat the problem. Yes, that is correct there is a cure for insulin resistance and many times for type II or adult onset diabetes. These are not diseases that you have now been labelled with and there's nothing you can do about them but continue to take medications. You may have been told this is genetic and while you can have a genetic predisposition to the problem it is mainly your lifestyle, diet, environment, toxic burden that will trigger or has triggered the problem.

From an Integrative Medicine standpoint there are many factors that can help regulate your blood sugar.  Customized diet, which does not mean eating less but clear and correct instruction on what types of foods you should stay away from is key. Dr. Rashel has great results with her patients who follow our protocol. This again is different than traditional recommendations of Diabetic Association nutritionists which most of the time fail to regulate blood sugar.

An assessment of your amino acid, mineral, and nutritional status can be done and is an important part of assessing the root causes of blood sugar problems. Micronutrient and natural blood sugar support targeted nutraceuticals are used which include correcting the micronutrient and mineral deficiencies found and often we see improvements in blood sugar control.

Correcting hormonal imbalance and deficiencies in men and women is another piece to healthy blood sugar metabolism. This includes Cortisol, Testosterone, DHEA, Human Growth Hormone, Leptin, and Thyroid all of which play a role in healthy blood sugar metabolism and can be treated with bio-identical hormone therapy and other targeted medications.

Evaluating sources and types of toxins which can cause endocrine and blood sugar metabolism problems and implementing a detoxification protocol is also part of treatment.

Of course part of a healthy lifestyle always includes appropriate physical activity and prescriptions for exercise as tolerated are part of treatment.

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