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High Cholesterol

A healthy cholesterol (lipid) profile is an important part of your overall health. We hear a great deal about the bad effects of 'high cholesterol' however it's important to note that cholesterol is necessary for healthy metabolism and used by our bodies to maintain a healthy cell membrane on all of our cells. Another very important role of cholesterol is that it is used to make all your hormones, it is the precursor to DHEA, pregnenolone, progesterone, testosterone, estradiol. Therefore although it's important to treat high abnormal cholesterol levels, this should be done with attention to the fact that we need cholesterol for healthy human metabolism.  If cholesterol levels are too low it will interfere with healthy metabolism.

Research has shown that commonly used cholesterol lowering pharmaceutical medications have numerous ill side effects such as muscle damage, liver damage, decreased nutrient levels such as decreased levels of coenzyme Q an important part of our energy metabolism. Research shows that commonly prescribed cholesterol lowering medications (Statins) including Lipitor, have also been shown to cause new onset Type II Diabetes.

At Advance Health Integrative Medicine Dr. Rashel uses in depth newer testing to test sub types of LDL and HDL as well as cardiovascular inflammatory markers which give us more information on how to appropriately treat and achieve healthy cholesterol levels and prevent heart disease.  If imbalances are found the first line of therapy can be targeted nutraceuticals that help promote healthy balanced cholesterol profiles without side effects. Hormonal balance is also important in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels and deficiencies in male and female hormones can promote cholesterol problems.

Appropriate nutritional counseling is also very important and integrated in your treatment plan with Dr. Rashel. Traditional recommendations unfortunately are often not complete or correct regarding what things effect healthy cholesterol levels.

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