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Know Your Symptoms

Know your symptoms...they are a means to detecting where the problem is

Your symptoms are your bodies way of telling you there’s something wrong somewhere in the body.  The problem however does not always begin and end with the symptom or place in the body that the symptom manifests.  Symptoms are clues about malfunctions in the ‘mechanics’ of the body that should be detected and repaired to prevent larger system breakdowns or chronic disease.  That’s why it is important not to simply treat or mask the symptom but to detect its root cause(s).

Conventional medicine and practitioners have had great success in treating the symptoms of disease with pharmaceutical drugs.  Some simple examples include attempting to treat eczema (often a systemic condition) with hydrocortisone cream where the real problem is often way more complicated and has to do with immune imbalance, gastrointestinal dysfunction and food allergies, the rash may temporarily improve but usually returns and the serious underlying problems are unnoticed till unfortunately larger problems and diseases surface.  Prescribing nasal steroids and medicines like Allegra or Claritin for chronic allergic rhinitis (nasal allergies) and post-nasal drip are another example when the symptoms could be a sign of immune surveillance and inflammatory response in the body, prescribing antibiotics for acne when the real problem is hormone imbalance, or prescribing synthetic hormones in birth control pills for essentially any menstrual problem in a woman when menstrual pain, irregularity, or heavy or light periods is caused by hormone imbalance  or toxicity and must be diagnosed with appropriate hormonal and functional testing and treated by evaluating underlying causes for appropriate treatment.  These are just a few examples of how the body’s symptoms are clues to larger underlying problems and how attempting to treat the symptom alone without attention to its cause may waste valuable treatment time or fail to prevent future chronic disease.

We’ve all heard stories where someone ‘suddenly’ became ill, or ‘he or she was fine then out of nowhere’ got a disease such as cancer.  The truth is that most of the time there is no suddenly involved, the biochemical and physiological processes and mechanisms for the disease have been in motion for years before, and the foundation of the disease was being laid for years before and the body had given many signals through different symptoms for years communicating that there’s something wrong and change and treatment are needed.  Contemporary or Integrative medicine practitioners takes those signals or symptoms very seriously, investigates and treats their cause to prevent further illness and chronic disease.

Some Symptoms that can be signals to underlying functional disturbance in the body are:

Fatigue, craving sweets or carbohydrates, weight gain, nasal allergies, post-nasal drip, rashes or eczema, hot flashes, night sweats, PMS, feeling depressed or overwhelmed, mood swings, irritability, Insomnia, restless sleep, headaches,  digestive issues, loss of sexual desire, stiffness or joint pain, anxiety, heart palpitations, breast pain, acne, urinary dysfunction, unwanted hair, Irregular periods,  erectile dysfunction, uterine fibroids, vaginal dryness, bloating, constipation, hair loss, loss of muscle mass and tone, muscle aches or soreness, anxiety

What’s Hormonal balance got to do with it?

How many of the above symptoms have you experienced? If you have experienced any of the above symptoms you know that they can affect the quality of your life and rob you of joy.

Unfortunately you may have felt alone in your struggle with these symptoms or had your symptoms dismissed as “nothing serious” or been told “it is part of aging” by your doctor (I know I was told that at the age of 25), or prescribed a pharmaceutical drug to hide the symptom often without much success.

Others may be taking an array of pharmaceutical drugs to mask the symptoms and some even taking more pharmaceutical drugs to mask the side effect of the drugs still left to feel not well.   Some may have even been led to believe that “this is all in your head”.

Well the trouble is not in your head, often it’s in your hormones affected by aging or some form of toxicity.  The answer is not hiding the symptoms, its investigating and treating the cause.

All of the above symptoms are some of the most common signs of hormone imbalance and or toxicity.   When does a person experience hormone imbalance? The answer is at designated stages of life like adolescence, peri-menopause, menopause, and andropause.   Or at any time during our life the body can, for a number of different reasons such as nutritional deficiency, toxin buildup, microbial imbalance, or emotional or physical  stress go develop hormone imbalance.

Fortunately our hormonal system is such an elaborate and intricate design that it essentially governs everything we do. Unfortunately when it’s out of balance it makes us feel bad and greatly diminishes our quality of life.

Therefore we advocate at least an investigation of our patient’s hormonal status and intracellular nutritional status in addition to routine labs.  Based on our results we design a personal plan often including Bio-identical hormone therapy, research based supplements, IV therapies and lifestyle changes treating the cause and with it we very often see the symptoms improve and disappear.

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