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Practice Style

Dr. Rashel believes that it is possible for many patients to reverse disease states and regain their health and vitality independent of pharmaceutical drugs.  In your session with Dr. Rashel she practices Integrative Medicine.  She interviews and examines her patients thoroughly as an integrated whole and attention is payed to every single factor past and present affecting your health and your entire body.  This is a different approach than that seen with conventional practice of focusing on one or two symptom(s) in one body part and prescribing the corresponding pharmaceutical drugs to mask it.  In your session with Dr. Rashel you will always have plenty of time to voice all your thoughts and concerns.   In your initial visit,  your entire health history will be reviewed in great detail.  Dr. Rashel interviews her patients extensively regarding their medical concerns, how their health has evolved since childhood, discussing all major life events that may have impacted their health, environment, lifestyle, diet, exercise, psycho-social factors, and the role of spirituality in order to better assess the cause of their symptoms and health concerns.  A relevant physical exam is also done at that time.  She is a firm believer in her practice that the body is not a series of separate isolated systems, as portrayed in conventional medicine, but that all systems in the human body are inter-related and attention must be paid to all systems and their interconnectedness at once.

Along with her clinical assessment, she uses specialized functional medicine testing to assess health.  These are a series of tests that will be used when necessary to properly assess the cause of a symptom or disease rather than attempting to treat only one symptom.  Only a few physicians are familiar with these tests and have the specialty training to carry out these tests which evaluate the function of hormones, adrenal glands,  digestive and immune systems, amino acid status, assess toxic load and burden in the body, liver detoxification pathways, neurotransmitter testing, and markers for DNA damage and cell wall damage.  She will then tailor a customized treatment plan for you based on your unique biochemistry and genetic s that will empower you to journey through the healing process, prevent disease, and even turn back the clock internally.  Treatments are based on orthomolecular medicine and often include nutraceutical supplementation, whole food supplements, intravenous vitamin and antioxidant therapies, chelation therapy, bio-identical hormone therapy, dietary protocols, lifestyle and psycho-spiritual support.

Dr. Rashel is a caring physician who feels close to her patients and is in a unique position to help her patients because of her own personal journey with her health.  She brings to her patients not only her medical expertise but empathy and sympathy with regards to their emotional and physical state.

Dr. Rashel is an advocate and one of the pioneers of the paradigm shift in medicine.  She does not view health only as masking the symptoms of a disease with pharmaceutical drugs  as in the conventional medicine model.  She works to investigate and treat the cause of her patients symptoms using the orthomolecular and functional medicine model and implements holistic integrative treatment plans along with conventional medicine tools to heal her patients from the cellular level with attention to their body, mind, and soul.