My Philosophy

These are exciting and very challenging times we are living in. We have more technology than ever imagined, and yet chronic disease affects 133 million Americans and rising fast.

There is an epidemic of autoimmune, asthma, and allergic disease. One fourth of the population, about 60 million people suffers from Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The rates of every modern day chronic disease is fast on the rise, obesity, type II Diabetes, heart disease, cancer, autoimmune disease, gastrointestinal and digestive disease, Alzheimer’s dementia. These problems are increasing at an explosive rate in the population. We are all being affected personally or through someone close to us who is suffering.

We must step back and ask why is this happening to us? If we have the technology that we do in our modern day and are one of the richest nations in the world why are we so sick and in many ways more sick than ever? And why is the current conventional medical care model unable to treat or address these problems and turn a blind eye? Continuing in this way is fueling what I term the medical holocaust in our nation.

About Dr. Rashel

Most people don’t know what is happening. We have been raised to think that disease is something you just get, out of the blue, it kind of just falls out of the sky, and then you go to the doctor and he gives you a magic medication that will make it better. This sounds funny however even today this is exactly how disease is perceived and treated by conventional medicine. I must ask at this point do they really think that none of us will wonder if there is more?

Perhaps the man who makes the supposed magic potions advertised for disease hopes that we don’t ask. This hidden veiled concept of disease and health that is propagated is what fuels the ongoing tragedy of rise of chronic disease, millions suffering, pharmaceutical industry booming with profit (with the magic potions) and yet we are more sick than ever and have gone so far from health and healing we don’t even know what to look for or what we are missing anymore, which is exactly where they want us.

In fact conventional medical care and treatment has not changed much at all in the past 40 years many with the go to amoxicillin and pain medication, add to that birth control pills, cholesterol and blood pressure drugs and a handful of antidepressants and you have 99.9% of health care right there. It can’t be so simple can it? And for the millions and millions suffering, in ways robbed of a great quality of life, it’s not simple. The tricky part is most people don’t fully understand that this is happening.

Although many people overtly suffer from fatigue, body aches and muscle aches, digestive problems, chronic sinusitis, allergies, anxiety, depression, brain fog, and difficulty concentrating, many more don’t know how bad they are feeling until they actually feel better because they have always been feeling that way for as long as they can remember.

The crucial part to understand is that diseases do not just fall from the sky or pop up out of the blue suddenly. Diseases are in the making decades before they’re recognized. What are the signs that they are in the making? The early signs are your symptoms. Your allergies, digestive complains, aches and pains, fatigue, anxiety, depression, joint pains, brain fog, weight gain, any of these among other symptoms are signs your body is giving that there is disease developing, disease that can actually devastate, torture and kill the person at some point. Sugar coating here would not be a favor but detrimental potentially.

That takes us to the ‘but my doctor says all my tests are normal bit’.

Many people are confused further when they recognize that they don’t feel well but when they see their primary care physician or many different conventional specialists for that matter they’re told everything is normal and find themselves with a prescription for antidepressants.
I will admit this is confusing. 

Where does that leave you? You know you don’t feel well or as well as you used to, you know you are having symptoms, any of the above or other, you know that, but your doctor(s) say there’s nothing to worry about, there is nothing there, and what you really need is an anti-depressant, or even drugs that fall in the antipsychotic category.

Let’s shed light on what is happening here. The fact is that the older conventional model of care is designed for acute care. Acute care meaning end stage disease, basically when all hell has already broken loose. Examples of this are cancers at the stage tumors can be visualized, heart attack, stroke, heart failure, lung disease, ulcerative colitis, diseases that have become so big, so large they literally can be seen by the naked eye. That’s when you get the diagnosis. That’s when the colonoscopy, mammogram, stress test, MRI, CT scan will pick it up and your conventional doctor will give you the out of the blue diagnosis. 

That’s where conventional medicine shines at it’s best, with regards to the diagnosis and regards to surgery, many times this can save lives with interventional cardiology especially and many times the organ that has expressed signs of trouble is simply removed and discarded such as an enlarged uterus with fibroids, an ovary with a cyst, a thyroid that is enlarged, a gallbladder that has stones, basically the problem is to the point that its visualized and the troubled organ discarded. 

In medical school and residency and shortly after when I still worked in the mainstream conventional model of care as I treated patients in the hospital, ER, urgent care and family medicine clinics I wondered what brings these poor patients to this point of desperate need of acute care, what happened in their health upstream of the disease they’re facing, I knew that there can be more than the care they are receiving and we have to ask the questions why is this happening and what is causing it to happen and then I can really help my patients.

Certainly and unfortunately I had seen the effects of the conventional model of care first hand and watched it create and cultivate illness in my own body and I know first hand that following the functional medicine principles will shed light on true underlying processes in illness and help you overcome them and get back to a healthy state.

These early questions I pondered and the years of studying contemporary, anti-aging, and functional medicine after my conventional medicine training as well as and my own powerful personal experience and journey with illness and health have resulted in my developing the AdvanceHealth principles of health and healing that have worked for my patients through the years and worked for me.

The reason these fundamental principles work is that they take into account the entire biology of a person as a whole, recognizing the interconnectedness of the human body, every cell and organ communicating with the rest, not as isolated separate disconnected systems as looked at in the conventional medicine.

What is the answer? How can we address these problems that we don’t even know we have? The good news is, there is an answer. The answer is by using contemporary 21st century medicine through the functional medicine model of care. 

The application of Functional medicine is not simply a treatment or remedy, it is a revolution in the entire way we do medicine, a revolution that unveils the hidden aspects of how we get disease and how we create, cultivate, and protect our health. It’s a revolution that unveils the truth behind our environment and food and how those industries are fueling disease, and it’s a revolution that ultimately aims to give back control of your body and mind to you rather than to the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry to whom your health is often times just business.

I see miracles happen every day, cure where there was no hope given before. 

Like Samantha a 31 year old lovely young lady who came to me deeply saddened by her diagnosis of progressive chronic kidney disease and nephropathy spending the past few years of her life in and out of hospitals on numerous medications, immune suppressants, and steroids, that did not help and she sat there teary eyed and swollen from the water retention from her malfunctioning kidneys. She had been told that there is no cure for her problem and she will get worse as a rule and loose complete kidney function and at best the symptoms can temporarily be controlled. 

Samantha wants a family and children, she is a beautiful woman alive inside and deserves better. Samantha had elevated urine protein levels in the thousands, her serum or blood protein level and albumin were deficient from protein wasting in Nephrotic syndrome, she was swollen, felt anxious, had difficulty concentrating, was lethargic and had terrible digestive complaints. 

I started treating Samantha in October and by two visits the protein in her urine was cut in half, by February there was zero protein, nor any microscopic protein in Samantha’s urine and the majority of her symptoms completely resolved. She had absolutely no water retention, great energy levels, great concentration and her digestive symptoms improved. She was also off all of her pharmaceutical medications.

Samantha told me that her long time nephrologist at UCLA said she must be a witch as what he witnessed is miraculous! Yes it is, and I see miracles like this happen every day in my office by addressing the AdvanceHealth core principles through Functional Medicine.

Many dear patients come to mind that came in to see me after seeing numerous physicians in numerous specialties and centers, with not much hope left, as they still had no answers and felt ill. I met Susanna when she was at her wits end, in tears, struggling with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, joint pain, insomnia, depression, anxiety, IBS and weight gain that she could not control or lose unwanted pounds no matter what she did and continued to gain weight. 

She is the mother of two beautiful children but did not have the energy to care for them how she liked. Today Susanna is a poster of an exemplary super woman, she is feeling great, energy levels are optimal, she has lost all unwanted weight and looks and feels great, she has no pain, no joint pain, and her long standing cholesterol problem is vanished. She body looks better than ever she says and she has achieved an optimal fitness level.

Afsaneh was 36 when she came to me. She had undergone 12 laparoscopic surgeries….yes, you read correctly, 12 surgeries for recurrent ovarian cysts and was seen at reputable medical centers like Cedar Sinai and had seen numerous physicians in numerous specialties. She also suffered from severe PMS, depression and anxiety, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and joint pains.

It’s been 4 years now since we have been working together and Afsaneh never suffered from another cysts since the day she started working with me. She is doing well and has optimal energy and is free of pain. Her periods are regular and her mood is stable.

David is a 34 year old a successful lawyer who is quite health conscious. He suffered from chronic prostatitis for which he had seen numerous urologists and been on medication multiple times without continued improvement. 

He also suffered from Ulcerative Colitis. After working together we were able to identify the actual cause of David’s recurrent prostatitis and rid him of the symptoms permanently. We also worked on his gut and underlying inflammatory processes and he has been completely symptom free since.

Sandi came to me with the devastating diagnosis of ALS from UCLA, a progressive neurological disease that leads to complete immobility and death. She suffered neurological symptoms, numbness and tingling, fatigue, fibromyalgia. 

Well it is now almost 5 years later and even after discovering that Sandi had been exposed to Tick borne infections and suffered from symptoms of Lyme disease, after treatment she is completely free of any and all neurological complains, is active, has no pain and great energy.

When it comes to our symptoms, early in the disease process, where no actual organ damage is seen on standard testing, conventional routine blood work ordered by most physicians, is almost always very superficial and comes out ‘normal’ for the most part. Although you may see a long list of numbers on the page most of the time conventional physicians are only familiar with a handful of tests that are ordered over and over again. 

These include a cbc, cmp, and basic lipid panel, that mainly look for organ damage to kidney and liver as well as blood count and basic lipid panels that is not reflective of true lipoprotein status as more advance markers and cardiovascular profiles actually identify. For this reason most of the time you may be told that everything looks good in these superficial tests that look for end organ damage until one day it doesn’t and that’s when it’s too late at times.

In order to identify the reasons why you are feeling fatigue, or pain, or having disturbed sleep, or joint pain, or anxiety, depression a deeper look is needed and more sophisticated testing.

This is the kind of investigation that is done through Functional medicine and here we can identify the underlying causes of your symptoms, stop them and reverse any underlying cellular disease processes that are in the making, before they progress to serious damage that can be detrimental for your health, quality of life and life expectancy.

When these concepts are explained to patients, almost invariably everyone says that makes a whole lot of sense and in some ways is quite a logical and simple concept to grasp. The next question I get asked is, wait a minute, how come nobody ever told me this? How come my other doctors don’t know this?

The fundamental problem is that these foundational principles of health and disease are not taught in medical school. Unfortunately standard education in medical school is driven by symptom only treatment with pharmaceuticals. The good news is that today several medical schools have started incorporating Functional medicine into their curriculum, thereby we will get better educated physicians.

Another problem is that research that is published takes on average about 70 years for the average doctor to implement it into practice. So although contemporary medicine research and principle are founded on very current scientific research unless a physician actively studies it, searches for it or pays out of pocket to attend conferences to learn it, they wont learn it till it finally trickles down unfortunately half a century or more later.

Therefore most physicians end up practicing out dated medicine particularly when it comes to chronic disease care.