Thyroid disease is one of the most underdiagnosed and untreated diseases that affect both men and women. Dr. Rashel Tahzid accepts patients with thyroid disease in her office located in Los Angeles. She also provides services in the Palos Verdes, CA area and Denver, Colorado. 

Our Approach to Thyroid Disease

Thyroid Doctor in Palos Verdes

This disease affects about 14 million people, women being the most affected compared to men. Even those who have been diagnosed may not be receiving the proper treatment. 

Dr. Rashel takes thyroid disease seriously. Her office performs 8 tests compared to the common 1 test that is widely performed. She also takes the time to test for other factors such as the body’s nutrients and other essential factors for proper thyroid function. 

Serving The Palos Verdes Area

If you are looking for thyroid help in the Palos Verdes community or the surrounding area, then please reach out to our office. Palos Verdes is located in Los Angeles. 

Frequently Asked Questions

With anything medical there are usually a bunch of questions that patients have to try and gain understanding. Here are a few that we can answer. 

What Is Thyroid Disease? 

Thyroid disease is when your gland is not producing the correct amount of hormones for your body. It can either produce too little or too much. You will then tend to feel unwell. 

What Are Early Signs Of Thyroid Problems?

There are a multitude of symptoms that a person may experience when it comes to the thyroid. Some of those earlier signs can include weight gain or loss, fatigue, being unable to get up in the mornings, and a hard time concentrating.

What Is The Most Common Thyroid Disease?

Hypothyroidism is the most common disease. This is when the gland is underperforming and not producing enough hormones that help the body to function and feel well. 

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