Digestive Problems

The digestive system is literally the gateway to health and disease, everything that gets absorbed and excreted moves through the digestive system. The livelihood of each and every one of our cells depends on the integrity of the digestive system. According to a recent survey, 74 percent of Americans are living with digestive symptoms like diarrhea, gas, bloating and abdominal pain.

The survey was done in 2013 that number is very likely higher today. But what many people may not know is that these symptoms could indicate a more serious condition. Digestive problems are a cry out from the body that something is wrong, and if we are smart we hear the body crying out screaming with its symptoms ‘my livelihood is at stake’ meaning the well being of every cell is being jeopardized when there are problems digesting, absorbing essential nutrients and or eliminating harmful toxins which are functions of the digestive tract in addition to helping eliminate viruses and bacteria.

Digestive problems include acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, gastritis, colitis, bloating, gas, burping, abdominal pain, loose stools, constipation or diarrhea as some common names diseases and symptoms but include others.

What causes a person to suffer from digestive problems? This is a million dollar question and never addressed by conventional medicine except you may have heard oh it must just be genetic or you should not drink coffee or eat spicy food. These responses are truly petty and wrong and ignore the reasons these problems originate.

About Dr. Rashel

I will shed light on some oil the ways in which our digestive system can malfunction. Many times the seeds are planted in childhood unfortunately meaning if you were given antibiotics at birth or shortly after or in childhood you are at risk.

Because conventional medicine does not get current with this tremendously important topic they tend to misuse drugs and antibiotics in scenarios where they may not be truly needed.

It’s critical to understand that literally our health integrity and immune integrity is dictated by the health of our digestive system, namely by the health of the beneficial bacteria we have and the trillions of bacteria that make up our microbiome, our second genome. Using and prescribing antibiotics when our life does not depend on it kills our beneficial bacteria, imbalances the microbiome and puts the individual at risk for disease. So as always in medicine and as the hippocratic oath dictates “ First do no harm”.

Other reasons can be use of steroids and anti-inflammatory drugs, toxins like pesticides and GMO’s, viruses and parasites and bacterial infections, inflammation, poor diet, nutrient deficiencies, all of these can be compounded by stress and there is a vicious cycle

Traditional medicine is truly in the dark when it comes to these problem, and always does more harm than good when managing them.

Conventional medicine has hardly anything to offer sadly, except antacid drugs that really push the person over the edge because they do nothing for the root cause, mask the symptom and very sadly their side effects are devastating for the body meaning they actually worsen the root cause of the problem, increase infection, decrease nutrient absorption, person at risk for neurological disease due to lack of vitamin absorption like B12 or folate, and osteoporosis due to decrease in calcium absorption, they increase risk of dementia, and even cancer. When things get bad enough as grossly visible, meaning visible to the naked eye as seen on endoscopy or colonoscopy for example or full on bleed out or tumors or massive infections resulting in twisting or rupture then conventional medicine offers surgical resection of part of the intestine for example, placement of colostomy bags where the individual can defecate into a bag hanging out since bowel loops have been resected etc. Its important to learn about and know these matters so that you understand the value of testing the root cause especially when it comes to the digestive tract the gateway to your health and disease. In almost 100% of patients that I see with a chronic disease or serious condition they also have serious gastrointestinal complaints and symptoms and have had them for years.

So its extremely important to listen to your symptoms when it comes to your digestive system. Bloating, gas, burping, reflux, loose stools and constipation or not having a daily bowel movement are NOT normal and are signs of the body crying out for help. I always address the gastrointestinal tract with each and every patient and address and investigate the actual root causes of symptoms that can include dysbiosis or imbalanced gut bacteria, overgrowth of bacteria, or yeast, deficiency or nutrients or digestive enzymes, infections, and resulting leaky gut and food allergies and more. When it comes to addressing gut health many patients suffering from symptoms have had one or numerous colonoscopies and or endoscopies, although valuable inn giving us a ‘gross’ meaning largely visible to the naked eye view of the digestive tract by the time cancer, or tumors or erosion, or bleeding is seen in many ways its late. We should have been there helped out long before that. When the person felt gas or bloating or burping at first that’s when we can intervene and address the root cause so we can avoid the cancer, tumors, erosions, infections, bleeding, ulcerations and more.

Using advanced markers and functional medicine testing I can help identify the actual root problems and we can begin treating them correctly.

You also want to beware and understand that not every test is accurate meaning just because you saw someone advertising and selling a test online does not make the test valuable or accurate no matter how its advertised. Not to say that all tests are not accurate but many tests available for you to buy just are not accurate as one who has personally got through this process this is better successfully done with a qualified physician with expertise and experience so that you can get the best diagnostics and most effective treatments rather than waste a lot of time and a lot of money which can happen. Treating the gut I will admit is not ‘a piece of cake’ meaning there will have to be effort and process on your part and the physicians part and the effort is ongoing for some time at a high level and for life in terms of care and maintaining the health and integrity you rebuild. It is not a quick fix and you should always beware of anything that promises quick fix.


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