Functional Wellness Consultations

Dr. Rashel offers a virtual practice this allows greater access and flexibility to patients while maintaining the high level of personalized medicine that works with you.

Functional Wellness Consultations are excellent if you are looking for guidance from an expert perspective on what paths may be best for you to take, unique to your journey and needs when it comes to diet, lifestyle, exercise, nutritional supplements and answers when it comes to complex health questions from the possible root cause perspective. Dr Rashel offers a virtual practice and offering Functional Wellness Consultations in addition to Functional Medicine consultations (that can be done from Colorado and California) allows her to reach and be of help to more people that may benefit from her guidance and support, allowing greater access and flexibility to patients while maintaining the highest level of personalized medicine that works with you.

Your Functional Wellness assessment with Dr. Rashel is done on a basis of helping to identify what core areas may need to be addressed and how they can be addressed from a root cause perspective that can be done completely naturally with personalized lifestyle modification and targeted research-based nutrients. You can benefit from a Customized Functional Medicine Wellness Assessment from anywhere from the comfort of your home.

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*Note that with this kind of plan pharmaceutical drugs can not be ordered and care is based on wellness coaching and natural treatments only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure disease.

Functional Wellness Assessment Follow-ups.

Usually, 2-3 weeks after your first Wellness Assessment tosses progress, fine-tune and further direct and support and as needed thereafter

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To schedule a Functional Medicine Consultation you can contact us by telling us more about you by filling out our New Patient Inquiry Form and we will contact you. At Advance Health Functional Medicine we treat Chronic infections and Lyme disease by addressing the core of health and underlying factors that may be playing a part in the disease progression as well as the disease itself so that improvements are for the long run and treatments result in improvements of all aspects of health of our patients.


STEP 1 – Complete your Online Health Assessment

Complete your Online Medical Symptom Questionnaire, this can be accompanied by the Gut Health Quiz


STEP 2- Receive a complimentary phone call to discuss

Receive a complimentary phone call to discuss


STEP 3- Initial Consultation.

Schedule your initial consultation. Then receive our comprehensive Functional Medicine Health Assessment Form and return in 1-2 days to secure your appointment.
I look forward to journeying with you on the path to optimal health and well-being.

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